I Thought He Was Interested In Me


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  • If your parents were shy or closed and didn't make friends easily, you haven't. My cousins are my neighbors.
  • Also, during a fire drill, I was walking to the nurse where I fell and got a few cuts on in my knees and he asked me where I was going.
  • I feel like there is obvious tension….
  • But he has said he has noticed my eyes changed colors. I really like this one guy in my class and my friends try to get me to talk to him, but every time I try to talk to him I get all nervous.
  • But he never said anything but asked me not to disturb me again.


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DESCRIPTION: Of course, this was pretty awkward for both of us…ugh. I am so confuse that he likes me or just put me in the friend zone.

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Whenever I ask him whether he likes me not he keeps on saying no n he acts likes he really likes me and then one day we had a fight about this I started cutting in front of him and he seemed to be very worried he keeps on asking my best friend about me but he told my bestie that he doesn’t like me but act like he does. Does he think I don't like him and that's why he's holding back? If I start flirting with his boss/best friend/the guy behind the bar, I'll be able to tell by his reaction whether he's into me or not. Great idea, right? Wrong. If he does like you and sees you coming onto someone else, he'll (understandably) think you aren't interested in him.

I thought he was interested in me, but I'm thinking now he isn't?

What should I do so I know? So there ya have it. They are simple…he is telling you he is not interested without flat out telling Inteested. I have been talking to this guy for about 5 months no dating, we hang out like week and go on dates. Always too busy for me. Cut your losses, learn from mistakes.

This happened to me last summer and I will never be blind to things like this again! It happens to people.

He sat and talked and asked each other more questions. I must say I was a little drunk and he was probably too, and all of a sudden we were outside, just the two of us, talking while he was taking a smoke. Kathleen I have been talking to this guy for a few months. More assured and confident guys will actually make and hold eye contact.

  • 10 Guaranteed Signs He Doesn’t Like You
  • He still wants to be friends no matter what, and comforts me when I need him in relations to the breakup. Is he just a perfect gentleman or is he interested.
  • 1. Watch His Body Language
  • But every time I contacted him Wed meet for lunch and just talk and talk.

Five Sure-Fire Ways To Tell He is Definitely Interested in YOU!


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