If You Use A Tampon Does Your Cherry Pop


If you sre a Virgin and use tampons does your cherry pop your first time ?

Okaay, well how do you use them?

  • Do you have to use tampons?
  • The metaphor doesn't work.
  • TWO shove you penis all the way up, and if your penis is big and hard enough it should pop but i doubt she'll want you to stop cos' if you have a big dick, it will be seventh heaven!! It can, but I wore tampons when I was a virgin and nothing ripped.
  • You can get slimmer tampons specializing in teenage girls who have not lost their virginity yet. Can you pop your cherry using a brush?

What does pop or bust her cherry mean? Those holes might stretch or even break during rigorous activity, like horseback riding. Grown women of childbearing age bleed each month for up to a week. Remember to use non scented tampons or pads. I have a beautiful cherry blossom tree in my backyard.


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DESCRIPTION: No, you will still be a virgin. That's why if you are even just "fooling around" If the two of you become naked with a guy it's still safest to use protection. If things are rushed or the boy is impatient, the whole event can be painful.

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What do you do when you pop your cherry? How do use a tampone? How big do you have to be to reach a girl's cherry? When your cherry is popped that means that the hymen has torn in which case, yes, it will most likely bleed. If you use tampons does it pop your cherry?

If You are a Virgin and you use Tampons when you are on your period does your cherry pop the first time you have sex? If you use a tampon can it pop your cherry? If you mean by tearing the hymen, the piece of tissue over the vaginal opening, no. Generally speaking, tampon applicators are small enough, and the hymen is flexible enough, for the tampon to be inserted into the vagina without any problems.

How big do you have to be to reach a girl's cherry?

If you are properly prepared then the discomfort is minor. The hymen is a Takpon thin layer of skin that is often stretched across the vaginal opening, but by the time a girl is old enough to have sex, she might not have a hymen at all. A "popped cherry" is slang for tearing a woman's hymen and losing virginity. Can you pop your cherry with a tampon? How can your cherry be popped?

How do you no when you pop your cherry?

Pregnancy and Tampons [ 5 Answers ] I need to work at a place where I have to wear a tampon so I don't leak discharge and I need to know if it safe or what the risks are if I wear a tampon while I am newly pregnant just for 1 night. Do you have to use a tampon? Is popping your cherry painful? Show Printable Version Email this Page.

Just because your a virgin that doesn't mean you CAN'T be pregnant though. It might not even beintact by the time she loses her virginity. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

  • What Does Pop Your Cherry Mean?
  • Hence, men do not pop their cherries.
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  • A woman's cherry would be her hymen.

Try the 9 Tricks, Girls! I have a beautiful cherry blossom tree in my backyard. Always remember to practice safe sex and use condoms The usual way a hymen breaks is during your first sexual intercourse, but some girls accidently tear it with a tampon

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