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The more people realize that there are fake profiles on a website, the more likely they are going to leave. Before I joined, I got message from plenty of women. You will never hear from that person again once you join.

  • Everything from their photos to their personal interests and information has been completely made up.
  • March 19, at The women you see are marketing tools, used to lure you into thinking you can really meet people on the site.
  • I can't say for sure about this site, but I have scored women on similar sites… they aren't all fake profiles. Jamal February 27, at 3:
  • This is a fake prerecorded video that is shown to every single free member on the site. Jeramy November 13, at


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DESCRIPTION: I am on this site too gather info, too help people like you too realize that this site is a big scam. You are so right.

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At least I used a pre-paid card so they can't do auto- renewal. The is a spin off dating site of XDating. Like you, a lady from my home town. Better spending your money on a good porn movie. You receive many emails from supposed women until you pay for an upgrade, then they stop. COM is dedicated to helping you find sex online by providing a guide to sex strategies and reviews of the best sex dating websites. Come on, how much effort does it take to actually design your site? Bad Puma April 13, at 1: Reviews : Scam Report On XDating

We only got 72 emails back, and literally every single one of them was spam. The only feature we can remember is a weird twitter scroll on the side of the site that tells you when a member has updated. Have you had a bad experience with XDating.

In this article we will review the online dating service We hope our findings will warn you about the scamming tricks used by this site, and prevent you and other site users from getting scammed and ripped off. Jun 03,  · is a dating site that has caused grief for many web users, particularly in the last year. We have had an account on for over a year 2/5(3). Website Details: Listen to our Synopsis from SoundCloud, then read the full review: Cost: $ for a monthly subscription to this dating service. $ for a 3 .

These email messages are completely automated, meaning no one is actually sending us these messages.

  • Revealing The Truth About Scams (REVIEW)
  • You receive many emails from supposed women until you pay for an upgrade, then they stop. I did this with about twenty ladies, still waiting too hear from them.
  • For Your Consideration, Here Are Our Results Using Xdating.Com For Hooking Up
  • Their messages have been personalized using my name and responding to specifics in my messages. For one thing, a good hookup site is supposed to have an interesting, engaging, dynamic page that draws you in and makes you excited to meet someone.

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Got more questions to ask about this dating site? While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear too sincere, they may be quite disingenuous. We only got 72 emails back, and literally every single one of them was spam. Usually the evidence that back up our suspicions can be found in the Terms and Conditions of Use on dating sites we are reviewing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They make there money when you first start out before you join, you get plenty of messages from women, they don't exist, there profiles are made up. Gilberto February 9, at 9:

Erich May 9, at 9: They make there money, because don't read the fine print in there terms agreement.


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