Dating A Girl That Smokes Cigarettes


TealFerines , Apr 2, Ask her to brush her teeth or chew gum. I do not wish to date a smoker because I don't want to be tethered to an oxygen tank, wake up to that awful cough, kiss ashtrays,or nurse them while dying of lung cancer.

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  • If you find a girl who smokes, keep her close. But menthol makes all the difference in the world.
  • You can't change him; he has to want to stop for himself, and you don't have to put up with health-threatening faults. Pretend not to care about anything, but be bothered by everything.

Not what you wish were true. Bluerajah , Apr 2, If he cared or not is a different question - but you cannot hide the traces of cigarette smoke. Catch Five Points, a new series only on Facebook Watch. Gotta go with Unknown on this one.


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DESCRIPTION: Popular Content See all. She might choose her addiction over you, or it might give her the boost to give it up.

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I am in a relationship thank you. Would you date someone that smokes cigarettes? January 8, at Do not directly link to comments in other subs. I know it isn't the exact same thing but damn people, do I really have to watch you slowly kill yourself walking around the street?


I got her number and we went out a couple times. Yea, I would, I smoke and have lived with people who have. If anything - it got our bedroom life jazzed up because no more ritual to get clean and free from cigarette smoke anymore. This prompted Dafing to tell me that after a fight we had a couple weeks prior, he smoked. Would you date someone who was part of the paparazzi?

Anonymous June 5, at 1:

March 3, at 2: So yea, I would make exceptions. I don't know if men feel the same way about female smokers though. Yeah can't think of any other reason, but here goes:

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  • Leave her for awhile.

February 27, at 8: I was looking for crucial information on this subject. The problem is she has bad breathe because of smoking and am not sure if i should see her again or should just let her know about this. She has told me that she likes me so much. See Highest Ranked Comments. I fell in love with my ex-girl friend who was a smoker but I didn't care and overtime she refrained without me saying anything.

That's not what I'm about, and obviously I would rather be with someone who shares similar interests, beliefs and personality traits. Apr 2, 3. People smoked everywhere, all the time, but once you get used to clean air, it is difficult going back to an oxygen-deprived environment. Simply hilarious how many smokers not even in dating, in classes or at the office think that washing your hands or spritzing perfume covers it up. I could befriend a smoker, but I don't think I could ever date one. When we go out on dates, she gives me her cigarettes and lighter to stick in my shirt pocket because she doesn't like carrying a purse. I am a guy and I've never smoked nor drunk in my entire life and I hate being around smokers let alone inhaling the oder. She might choose her addiction over you, or it might give her the boost to give it up.

You seem to be really lenient when it comes to dating Andrew. It wasn't a big deal. You're wasting her time, asshole.


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