How To Flirt With Your Husband


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  • Whisper Whispering is the direct opposite of yelling, so it's no wonder that many men find it a turn-on.
  • Need to do some cleaning?
  • Get him all worked up while you carry on a normal conversation. Shared on the following link-ups:

Leave these cute love notes next to some sexy lingerie you want your spouse to wear for you. Use word art to write a flirty message to your spouse. Showing that you enjoy being in his presence can really make a man feel good. Give your spouse a special surprise by spraying the sheets to freshen the bed. You can write it on the mirror in lipstick for dramatic effect or write it on a sticky note that you stick to the mirror for easier cleanup. How to flirt successfully How to flirt like a pro. Yes, even the smallest gestures can have significant impacts!


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DESCRIPTION: A pillow fight is the perfect way to flirt with your spouse! Want more ideas of how to flirt? Use fake tattoos to dress up your lips and kiss away! Leave your spouse a tasty donut with a cute note attached.

Matt Hopkins: take my balls but leave my sissy clit so You can attach a leash.

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RoyalAfghan: MMMMMM! I love her treasure trail! She is so sexy! Instant hard on.

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20 Easy Ways to Flirt with Your Husband

I am bookmarking this for quick reference!!! Take a sexy pic of yourself and text it to your spouse. Fill this basket with hot items you will use with your spouse in your bedroom. Write a flirty message on a plate and give it to your spouse. Surprise him with an unexpected date night. You could even take it one step further on the Wity scale and have your note be something romantic they did for you.

Go to a movie and sit in the back row where you can cuddle. Fill out this card about how superior your spouse really is. There may not be a lot of surprises left to discover about your husband once you've been married for a while, but you still can surprise him with a little sexiness when he's not expecting it.

  • How to flirt with your husband
  • So, we wanted to give all our readers the opportunity to showcase how you all flirt with your spouses.
  • What happened?
  • Get on Google and write an awesome, spicy card for your spouse. And homeschooling my two teenage girls.

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