My Mother Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder


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Thank you and rock on-as you see there are many of us hurting the same way.

  • And if I'd say, you know, this one doesn't really fit, why is that? This made me want to cry.
  • She has my kids, but I'm not even able to see them, much less able to get them back even after submitting a hair follicle test that did show weed from a couple of years ago, but even submitted urine tests which I have passed all of them, and it showing that I have no drugs of any kind in my system but I still can't see my kids and the judge, she has so convinced and has completely fooled him, even after him getting and reviewing my drug tests, and he still won't give my kids back to me because my mama has him so convinced that I'm a danger and hazard to my kids safety and wellbeing.
  • There is such a thing as normal


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DESCRIPTION: I never understood her, and still don't, but now I see a comparison between her and my son. Well as long as he does not think it's me, it is none of my business. I'm 29, my mom is an emotional terrorist. The victim may well want to escape, but the game is not over until the narc says it is over.

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Now you want me to pay you to stay home too? In my situation with my mother and her NPD diagnosed by me I look at the ways she was controlling me and I let her. I never got this from my mother. Doubt he cares too much though, I am sure his trying to maintain contact was more about controlling my friend, then seeing his son. Oh , and I attempted suicide twice and he never cried once when he saw me My mom used to tell us we were better than other families, smarter, more established, things kids don't care about The truth is my mother bought me nothing a teenager would wear, not that she didn't have the money.

It's her stuff, Diaorder left it, she can come get it. Our relationship broke down just prior to Christmas, I used to struggle around this time of year. I'm open to talk or corresponding w you.

Mothers with Narcissistic Personality Disorder can't always do it alone, of course. They need help, and Enabling Fathers are the perfect ones to give them that help. For a kind of a bitter laugh, check out the Narcissistic Mothers Dictionary, and see how they use words differently from the rest of the world. The more questions you checked, the more likely your mother has narcissistic traits and this has caused some difficulty for you as a growing daughter and adult. End The Legacy of Distorted Love! Join this groundbreaking virtual workshop designed to heal the effects of maternal narcissism. This is a very informative article. I am an adult daughter that has come to realize that my mother has some narcissistic traits. But even thinking this makes feel guilty, like I am hurting my mother by having these thoughts.

Abusers and manipulators are pros at what they do. I am now married with four beautiful, confident, successful children.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder and my Mother...
  • But there is a more pernicious difficulty in feeling responsible. Especially the fact when you tell someone nobody believes you and she is an expert at manipulation other people and can control reactions when you raise alarm bells.
  • Narcissistic Parent Checklist: Signs of Being Raised by a NPD
  • Should I tell them?
  • My door and my heart will always be open to both of you.

I don't need to take things that don't belong to me anymore but I still lie about my family. Example, when my daughter fell on the trampoline she sprained her knee. I don't want to be associated w her. My kids walk all over me and I cant see a therapist because other than work I don't leave the house. The abuse is a double hit on both the child and non NPD parent by the court system that almost seems to have a bias for the NPD. She then told my relatives that I was the violent one which none of my relatives bought I'm the biggest pushover they know.


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