36 Volt Trolling Motor Hook Up


Now, if you're going to run three trolling motor batteries and one cranking battery, I would get the ProTourny Quad.

  • This is why so many BCB owners are very proud of their boats.
  • It was on the new boat that I bought in
  • These types of 12V chargers will not work on a 36V system. Connect wires to the two remaining terminals and run them to the trolling motor.


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DESCRIPTION: Check the manufacturer's recommendation for proper wire size for the particular trolling motor you are using. For 4 battery system, connect 4 to 3 pos to pos and neg to neg. May 1st, , 2:

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Connect wires to the two remaining terminals and run them to the trolling motor. Matthew Bores started professionally writing in You are posting as a Guest without being logged in. May 1st, , 1: Most all onboard chargers will charge the batteries because each bank hooks to each individual battery. Not even any of the pro's that fish four and five days a week. Guest, C-Charger, Heart just to name a few.

May 1st,1: When you visit our site, pre-selected companies may use certain information on your device to serve relevant ads and for analytics purpose. Here's the 30 amp style: Can I ground the batteries to the hull? First, they should all be of the same type, size and age. I am in need of a little help with hook-up at the batteries for my trolling motor.

From the 2nd battery neg will go to the motor. It's worth a thousand words.

Not finding what you are looking for? Helpful 22 Not Helpful Comment Flag. From what I remember of the trolling motor plug that attaches to the trolling motor, the 12 volt circuit positive is connected to the 24 volt circuit negative which would put the cranking battery as the middle battery in the series creating the 36 volt circuit. Members The team Contact us.

  • Trolling Motor battery Hook-up
  • This will give you 36 volts to the Trolling Motor and 12 volts for all the electronics and cranking the motor.
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You might want to look into the Stealth charging system. View Most Popular Boating. Here's the 30 amp style: Just another way to do it.

Positive to neg, In a loop going to the motor. There are 2 positive wires, 1 states "battery a" From the 2nd battery neg will go to the motor. I have somehow gotten my wires mixed at the batteries. Over time in years, there are several ways to wire and ways they transport power to the bow on BCB models. Tip Cover all battery terminals to prevent corrosion and possible shorts. There is a jumper in the plug on this model. Apr 09, Minn Kota Boating.

Setting up such a configuration with your marine batteries is a fairly simple process, and it requires just a couple of basic tools and a few moments of your time. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. If the cranking battery is not the lower ground source for the trolling system you will have electrolysis on the engine, troller, jack plate and more. That way you will always be able to keep your cranking battery on one bank. Positive to neg, In a loop going to the motor.


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