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Fitbit App & Dashboard

The good news is that you'll still be able to use either of the mobile apps to view your progress. Skip to main content. Tap it multiple time until it vibrates and two dots appear.

  • Track Exercise Use your Fitbit tracker to record workouts or log them in the app, then see all your exercise stats, their impact on your overall day, and how your performance is improving. Did this article help you?
  • If you're using one of the devices listed above, you can do the entire setup process using nothing but the Fitbit app. Read through the information on each screen to learn more about your device.
  • Attach the wristband to your wrist using the clasp. Enter your name, gender, birthday, height, and select your time zone.
  • Swipe up or down to set the the big number in the middle to your height.
  • The good news is that you'll still be able to use either of the mobile apps to view your progress. Then select the tracker you're setting up -- in this case the Flex -- and go through the prompts.

Your age, height, weight, and gender are used to calculate your BMR basal metabolic rate. Log in or Sign up. All-Day Activity View progress towards your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and see your trends over time. Before you setup your new Fitbit, make sure it has a charge: Plug your tracker into the charger and make sure at least three of the lights are on. See every stat, goal, insight and more from the convenience of your computer. This will install the Fitbit app on your Home screen so you can access it anytime.


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You have to agree to check this off to continue. By now there should be at least three lights lit up on your Flex, indicating the battery is at 60 percent or above, which means you can then insert it back into the wristband and put it on. Kick-off your fitness journey today by picking out a Fitbit tracker and using every app feature to find your fit. Once installed, the software will walk you through the same process for setting up your Flex as we just went through for smartphone users. If you'd prefer to use the traditional Windows program, select "PC" as your operating system.

Dec 26,  · If you're already using one of Fitbit's other trackers, you should already have the app installed; just make sure you've updated to the latest version. Once you've downloaded the app and have set up an account, you . Apr 30,  · How to Set Up a Fitbit Flex. Visit the Fitbit Connect download page. You can download the Fitbit Connect program 62%(14).

Windows 10 uses the same app as the Windows Phone, so follow the method below after installing it. For best results, charge it until all five lights are on. If you scroll down the page a little, you should see a button for downloading the setup program. You can also control your music and use voice cues to stay in command.

Insert it into the wristband with the arrow facing out and pointing towards the black band. Each dot is worth steps.

  • How to set up your Fitbit Flex
  • This small piece is your key to syncing your Flex with the Fitbit service.
  • How to download the Fitbit App for iPhone and iPad
  • Fitbit will use this to help track your performance.

When setting up a new account, you should be prompted to begin the setup process for a tracker; if you're not prompted, tap on the "More" tab at the bottom of the screen and then "Devices. Swipe up or down to set the the big number in the middle to your height. Use a Fitbit tracker to record your sleep at night.

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The website will attempt to detect your current operating system and provide the correct link. The Flex uses Bluetooth 4. Assuming you read through the guide above, you should already have the tracker charged to at least 60 percent and on your wrist. Stay Connected Use Facebook and email to find and connect with Fitbit friends so you can send motivational messages, share stats and cheer each other on. Select "Flex" from the list of devices. Swipe left or right to set the big number in the middle to your weight. Type Fitbit Tap the Search button.


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