Libra Woman And Virgo Man Relationship


All them emotions and diva fits make me feel uncomfortable!

  • If you want someone to raise babies, grow old and make a life with, then never underappreciate your virgo.
  • Jupiter in Relationship Astrology:
  • I used to curse him out, I vandalized his property, I accused him of lying to me and being so secrect.
  • I have chased him down to find out why and he always says he is glad I did cause he never knows what to say. Virgo, willing to please, will easily take over the responsibilities and decisions that Libra needs to take on.

Tags libra libra male love love compatibility virgo virgo female. I was like what the heck! He would tell me about how he was attracted to me and how i was special to him. Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility: This is a very tough combination as far as a long term relationship is concerned.


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DESCRIPTION: How can we understand the chars in a proper way.. We are 6 yrs apart. It made me feel out of character, because I was misinterpreting so many things that she was saying and misreading her all the time.

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Overall we do have our differences but understanding compromise is the key in order to make it work. To even top it off sex is amazingg! Relationships should be enjoyable not irritating. We were at the movie theater like normal teens on a Friday night. I recently cut both my bestfriend AND lover out of my life and they were both virgos, a day apart.

As soon as one of them has to deal with a personal issue, the other one seems to freeze, losing all ability for compassion of closeness. I am not a perfect person but I am learning how to be a good girlfriend to him and not only that just a good friend. Those kinds of parties usually aren't at the top of your list of priorities. Thing is, in this day and age, I personally feel it's okay to lie about your past to a certain extend.

  • Virgo man and Libra woman
  • The Virgo woman and Libra man sun signs have to work to maintain the peace, for she needs symmetry and he needs balance.
  • The Qualities

The male scale is sociable and flirty, making the rounds through the crowd. By understanding someone and how they view things it's easy to make yourself more attractive to them. You won't be forgiven. But I guess he didn't think of the same. We understand each other.

Its funny because when it comes to everyone else's love life I have perfect advice but not for my own. My Virgo man and I had a very balanced relationship. I went on to get myself together apartment, cert. He became irritable and angry all of the sudden.


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