How Do They Do Tongue Piercings


I got my tongue pierced yesterday and it started to swell up quite abit.

  • You could end up being allergic to the metal in your tongue jewelry.
  • Less severe complications can include increased saliva production, damage to teeth enamel, scarring, and pain.
  • She had worn the piercing for a long time.

There is no swelling, I can do everything normally but I constantly have a horrible stinging sensation it causes me much pain until I rub the area where it is stinging DO NOT bring your own barbell for the piercing. It's really after the fact. I am getting my tongue done in one wk the 6 of july and I am soooo excited. Over time, this can wear down the enamel.


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DESCRIPTION: These are people who will be cutting you. A correctly pierced tongue will not cause a speech impediment. My friend became increasingly frustrated with his job because he was having a tough time cleaning the area.

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I've had my tongue ring in for 3 days. But this time the swelling has stayed for longer but it has gone down heaps I could not speak properly for two days and I was mouth washing it with listeerene but I changed to salt and warm water about 2 days ago and I rinse my mouth with that after I have a smoke or eat and it's healing faster I used this solution the first time I got it done but the bottom of the second bat is right on my web and it stings when I move my tongue but other then that I've got no problems except I'm annoyed with my tongue feeling so big in my mouth! Archived from the original PDF on 10 September My mother had a tongue piercing done a long time ago before getting married. The tone of this article is ridiculous.

Tongue piercing

Oh honey they don't numb your tongue, you feel it ALL.

I wanted to know if it's coo to drink I got my piercing done may 3rd and it's may 26 am i able to? If anyone needs advice feel free to email me: Do not use hydrogen peroxide! People who are between 14 to 16 years old need parental consent, but can do without a parental consent if they are 16 to

  • Everything You Need to Know About Tongue Piercings
  • Never go to a place that uses piercing guns — they are more difficult to clean and inflict greater tissue damage.
  • Tongue Piercing Info
  • If this happens, reduce your use of mouthwash.

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Tongue piercings wear out your gums on the back of your teeth and cause gum recession. When you go in you will be asked to sign a consent form. If you want to avoid these risks, try not to form the habit of playing with the ring inside your mouth. An established piercer will have a binder of their work to show you. If anyone needs advice feel free to email me: You can also subscribe without commenting.

We will provide you best service regarding hair transplant. Local laws may vary. While infection can happen during the piercing process, proper after-care during the four to six weeks after is supremely important for avoiding infection. Tongue jewelry is a good place for the plaque in your mouth to live.


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