Peavey T 60 Serial Number Dating


In Reply to Al's Guitar Gallery. This is a Peavey T guitar and case.

  • American-made Peavey T electric guitar. These pattern-tracing machines were ingeniously employed to carve out 4 necks simultaneously.
  • Some of the very first necks have pennies in them instead of production slugs.
  • Richie Lazano, of Austin, is shown playing it in the photo. Can you tell me if you ever found a source for a price list.


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DESCRIPTION: The stand in the photos is not included. I've been told that these are pretty accurate.

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Peavey t60 manufacture date

Just purchased a T from a fella and the serial number is: Peavey T serial dating Peavey t60 manufacture date. List of Peavey guitars T (made in USA ) T Serial numbers correlate to shipping dates of US models only. to Aug 24,  · I went over to the T site and copied the serial number dating list that they have to hopefully help everyone here with their T dates. Since the T guita.

Peavey t60 manufacture date. Home of the Choo Choo.

I almost did the same thing as you did. I Think your numbers are wrong.

  • Serial number dating
  • What code is in the image?:
  • Покупки по категориям
  • There are a few minor dings and scratches. FYI - Peavey's serial number database suffered a crash a few weeks back.
  • Since the T guitars were manufactured at the same time as the basses, the serial numbers are similar and were not separated between guitar and bass, just as they were produced.

The is a model, unfortunatly thats the best I can do since Peavey really didn't keep track of production numbers very good the production numbers for ran from to so you can pretty well tell that it was produced early I have a T, white with maple dot neck.


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