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There are recipes out there like 10 that were written by people who had no idea what they were doing. Do you use any essential or fragrance oils.

  • Just get some solid soap and grate it up.
  • This is probably one of my favorite blogs!
  • Thanks to everyone offering notes of their experience and suggestions for alternatives, great stuff and it benefits everyone!
  • It neutralizes the odors and the chemicals. First I use the cheese grating carrot shredding blade that sits at the top of the processor bowl.


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Again, I have no burns, experienced no discomfort and the skin is still on my fingers. I had converted to using vinegar along time ago due to costs but was glad to read about essential oils. It looks just like brand name detergent. I asked what it was and the sales person told me it was a soap that does not make lots of suds. If in eyes, rinse with water. The suds are not what cleans. If baking soda changes to washing soda at high tempuratures, why is baking soda safe for baking? I really like the idea of using homemade laundry soap so I hope I can solve these problems.

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This took longer than Hopkup grating recipes, but for me it has been very successful both for my sensitive skin and my clothing. Here are some tips to get the finest grate: I think Purex makes them too. One Bad Choice Owning It. I am really excited to find this website. When you make soap for the body there is something called superfatt.

I found a number online to call and you can give them your zip code and they will tell you where you can buy the product in your area. I would love to have his clothes come lots cleaner. A den shares the opposite side of the fireplace and a Fis room provides space to watch the late night news.

I have given it to everyone I know by pouring it into smaller portions in re-used apple juice containers. First I use the cheese grating carrot shredding blade that sits at the top of the processor bowl. Usually they are all together in the laundry isle. If you do not want to bother with the melting of soap and having gallons and gallons of goop not like store bought liquid- more like egg drop soup then the powder recipes are best.

Warranty Information 1 year restricted service warranty Website: I hope that these notes may be of value to anyone who is unsure of trying these recipes. Never had a problem with it.

  • 10 Homemade Laundry Soap Detergent Recipes
  • This extra is just personal preference, and not necessary-many folks just use it grated up and mix the powder well before measuring out each load.
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  • Oh, how I wish I had had all this information when having a house full of kids. Hi, I have been using this recipe and love it but wondered about those using it on cloth diapers?

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Chat rooms for teenagers provide adolescents the ease of social interaction without the effort necessary to satisfy new women and men. Guarantee Information 1 year limited service warranty Web site: I would love to try it as I am as green as I can be, but you know we all need room to grow. Gay Healy Love it for my skin — but not a good thing for laundry. If you don't use a rank tracker, then you should as it's vital to know where your site is placed Googling yourself doesn't work properly , so that you can generate more customers and traffic.

Charles Gerba , quote bolding mine …. This fabulous unit is at Mountain West Condominiums just minutes to downtown Wolfeboro. Marja Holm I really like the idea of the powdered type, as it sounds so easy to make as well as less expensive than commercial laundry soaps. I also put vinegar in the rinse cycle. I read several good stuff here.


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