My Friend Is Hookup A Douchebag


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Find More Posts by k0derkid. My friend is a douchebag TR Quote:

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  • That way every hookup gets super awkward super quick.
  • Do not rehost or hotlink webcomics. My friend is a douchebag TR [x] troll sex [ ] solid 7s.


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DESCRIPTION: Find More Posts by cescfabregas. I don't see how a douchebebag wouldn't like this. Things seem to be goin pretty well for both of us.

Laura Pan: love her small tits and puffy nips

Daria Daz: such a lucky lucky boy hope he truly feels privileged

Hans Snah: Would like to know the girls name, so I can see more of those big pussy lips.

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London Coco: Leilani has a magnificnet cunt and clit to judge by the shot after 34:00 and I love that tuft of mattted cunt hair and her stubble field mons. Premium skank.

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No SMS or social media content. This is so crucial, I do not know where to even begin. Hate speech and bigotry will be removed at the moderators' discretion. Last but certainly not least is keeping your location settings turned on. The most thought-through ski and snowboard bag on the market. This was not intended for him to actually get as a tattoo and i wouldn't allow it, as much I would like him to get it.

My friend is a douchebag?

My friend is a douchebag TR qat. Soon I'll meet the girl my friend is trying to hook up with - should I help him out?

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  • Maybe you should reverse it, so it only spells out anything when he is looking at it in a mirror?
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  • I wanted to crawl under the seat and die. I see it now.
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I typically am running at least three dating apps at all times. You should've written "I'm a douche" or something to that effect. Me and my friend were having a few beers over at his house, putting in a marathon session on ProEV. Go buy some Cool Water or something, you dumb bastard. Are my parents overreacting? It seems like a cool tattoo for a certain kind of person.


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