Florida Culture And Health Care Beliefs Of Hispanic Culture


Compared with non-Latino whites, Mexican Americans have up to a three times higher incidence of diabetes mellitus and a three times higher prevalence of obesity, but hypertension-related mortality is only 4 percent higher not a significant difference. West J Nurs Res. Overview Religion, culture, beliefs, and ethnic customs can influence how patients understand health concepts, how they take care of their health, and how they make decisions related to their health.

  • See My Options close. Most Latino immigrants have received the BCG vaccine; although past practice has been to interpret skin test results without regard to BCG status, false-positive tests in this population are common.
  • To raise awareness about cultural competence among your staff, you could: Culture Clues are one-page tip sheets that offer insight into the health care preferences and perceptions of patients from 10 different cultures and special needs groups including the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
  • J Gen Intern Med. The experiences of Mexican Americans receiving professional nursing care:

Double or hyphenated Latino surnames may seem complicated, with the father's name preceding the mother's. A Tool for Medical Providers. A physician should be attentive, take their time, show respect, and if possible communicate in Spanish. Cultural issues in serving minority populations: Arnica Arnica or golden aster. A high-carbohydrate and high-calorie diet, a more sedentary lifestyle in the United States, and genetic factors may contribute.


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DESCRIPTION: Obesity and genetic factors increase risk. Conveying medical instructions to patients with limited English skills can be frustrating. Cross-cultural variations also exist within cultures.

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She says that she does not feel better when taking the medicine, and says the diet you prescribed does not include tortillas or any of the foods she likes. Papular Rash in a Child After a Fever. Ethno-medical beliefs and practices of Mexican-Americans. On a regular basis, randomly select some medical records and see what percentage have notes on the patient's culture, customs, or health beliefs. Use Health Education Material Effectively: Doing a cultural assessment. You call the dietitian to alert him to this patient's cultural concerns. Statistical portrait of Hispanics in the United States,

How Patients’ Culture Influences Health Care

Statistical portrait of Hispanics in the United States, Latinos have disproportionately higher rates of obesity and diabetes mellitus Table 1. Culture Clues tip sheets.

It is also important to note that a third of the Hispanic population in the United States are children less than 15 years of age Mikhail and should be covered by Medicaid. The Mexican Revolution occurred ina century after independence from Spain. Web sites EthnoMed is a Web site containing information about cultural beliefs, medical issues, and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants. Using the LEARN model, you listen to her story about her poor control of diabetes and frustration with her diet. After immigration, some Latios adopt American naming conventions, but others do not. In the US it has also come to represent the accomplishments of the chicano Beliesf, including better jobs and education.

Cold air that is thought to cause respiratory infections and earaches. Other healing specialties include yerberas herbalists , hueseros bone setters , parteras midwives , and sobradores similar to physical therapists.

Fatiga shortness of breath, fatigue. Medical practices and hospitals should strive to create an environment that is warm and welcoming to Latino patients. Her husband died in an industrial accident four years ago, and she is still grieving.

About 23 percent of Latinos in the United States live in poverty. In the LEARN model, which is illustrated in the Case Study below, 28 , 29 the physician should first sympathetically listen to the patient's perception of the problem, explain his or her perception of the problem to the patient, acknowledge and discuss any differences and similarities between the two views, recommend a treatment plan, and negotiate agreement.

  • Caring for Latino Patients
  • Although Mexican families tend to be Patriarchal, it is the mother who is in charge of health care Gonzalez-Swafford.
  • References

Other health problems include stress, neurocysticercosis, and tuberculosis. This version of the article contains supplemental content. Kleinman tells the New York Times. Assessing mothers' attitudes about the physician's role in child health promotion. The author thanks Erin Board for research assistance for this article. Phrases of greeting, introduction, acknowledgment, departure and for emergency situations in a clinical setting can be played at a normal speed and at a learning speed. Neurocysticercosis, a leading cause of seizures in Mexico, and pulmonary tuberculosis are more common in Latino immigrants. Personalismo, a personal connection, can be achieved by asking about the patient and his or her family.

In some cultures, people believe that talking about a possible poor health outcome will cause that outcome to occur. Nopales Opuntia or prickly pear cactus pads. Pearson Prentice Hall; However, it may be more likely to mistakenly suspect child abuse than to actually encounter it in patients who use traditional treatments. Yerba buena mints, including spearmint and Clinopodium [Satureja] douglasii. Weed leaf used externally for burns, bruises, mouth sores, and hemorrhoids; tea taken orally for respiratory infections. Eugenol in clove oil may affect blood clotting; toxic if ingested, especially in children.


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