Caught My Husband Sexting Another Woman


Having trouble moving past my husband sexting with another woman! - Talk About Marriage

So I can get over him and get back to myself which has long gone away. I am just ready to give up. I know he loves me and after the way ive seen him upset and begging me for forgiveness, i feel sorry for him, but i cant get over this emotional affair he had with this girl..

  • Nicole on October 5, at
  • At the moment my husband and I are not staying together. Next day, i sent myself text msgs so my phone alert would go off….
  • What has been the knock on impact on your relationship?
  • It was confusing and hurtful.
  • I am starting therapy for myself next week. Keep my son and I in your prayers.

Being pregnant and finding this when I thought everything was so great has completely crushed me. I would not consider counseling because I would be out the door. One thing I do know is, this is a deal breaker and I refuse to have an open mind. Pt on October 23, at 7: But if he were to have an affair, I would leave him. Renee April 5, , 2: CatsMeow April 4, , 3:


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DESCRIPTION: Would he be so bold. It seems harmless enough, but what business does this chicky babe have asking that of a married man on Sunday morning? But do confront, do bring to light, and do know that no matter what happens, God is there for you and He can carry you. I do know I will not allow him to move back home until he is willing to be transparent about everything with me.

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Andrew — short version Married on coming 11 yrs. If she did this on her own the same way she yanked the phone out of his hand , that would be one thing. Were you trained from an early age to put up with unacceptable behaviour? It took me about 2 years after the last time to forget when the last time actually was, and to not suspect he was doing me wrong every time I turned my back.

Is sexting cheating? We ask couples who have had to decide

CaliforniaGirl November 25, I tried explaining to no avail. But after this happened… What if she tells her husband, he gets mad, confronts my husband or this whole sordid tale gets out? As well as probably Caugh on your own. We are talking constantly.

You should definitely talk to your husband. The women was his friend coworker gf, ex gf now.

Or do I put my foot down and tell him he has to change. Do I need to give a try to work this marriage?

  • Is texting another woman considered cheating?
  • Kristin on October 25, at But most of all, set yourself some goals on how you can make your half of the marriage better and start implementing them.
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  • One day at a time, by learning, growing and starting to communicate better with each other.
  • It was more likely just a matter of time until he met some of these people in person.

About a year ago they got a new receptionist he told me she was young, very pretty and had posed naked in a lads mag. Can say this has been worse year of my life, but trying to be positive and hope she sees sense. Go by yourself, even, to explore whether or not you can move forward from this. Getting to this point has been tough.


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