Is It Possible To Orgasm Twice


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But she begs for cum inside her so it's necessary for me to cum multiple times for her to really get off on her cum fetish.

  • I've done it on a couple ocassions.
  • I can frequently go 3 or 4 times in a row this way -- and for women, yes -- lengthy, repeated sex seems to be very stimulating.
  • Yes sweetie, it is possible.
  • In an Emergency On-campus Resources. The waiting time between ejaculations the "refractory period" goes up with age, and will be noticeably longer in his 20s.
  • It happened to me once - Not two separate orgasms but one multiple orgasm with a break of only about a minute.

Yes sweetie, it is possible. Is there another way of getting it? I wouldn't worry, though; he'll get used to it the more you do it, and his level of function will increase as he gets more comfortable. But it is indeed two full blown ejaculatory orgasms. I don't know exactly how it's possible, but there is no doubt I only do this if I have time, as round two always takes more time than round one, and sometimes I have to get up in the morning. Though I've also worked really hard at being able to orgasm without ejaculating too..


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DESCRIPTION: I may be a bit naive, but I always thought an erection was necessary to continued copulation. He has read both books as have I and he practices kegals probably everyday. But when I am trying to indulge and have a more prolonged session - I finish way harder One technique you can use quickly and effectively is the finger lock technique on pg 41 of the link below.

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Love this book and have helped my bf achieve multiples because of it: You can also cheat slightly by squeezing the helmet of your penis as well as contracting the PC muscle to stop any man juice from spilling. Congrats on finding a partner who is into improving your sex life together like this. Beat Limp Dick Completely!


Related Questions Is it possible for men to ejaculate twice in minutes? Was that the first time you finished inside a woman's mouth? The book is worth buying.

Nov 17,  · not to orgasm exactly but to ejaculate twice within minutes without losing a hardon. my bf did this once and i was wondering if there's any certain thing i should so to make it happen as he seemed to feel a lot more pleasure from it or if it's just rare thing that happens randomly. not talking about a small amount of precum but a quite Status: Resolved. Be as open-minded as possible. Tune in to your mind-body connection. "Since your orgasm is essentially an intense contraction of your PC and pelvic floor muscles. Men who can ejaculate twice in one lovemaking session I always seem to have stronger orgasms They was worried about Donna health first thing and possible.

I'm in my early 40's now, but I always remembered it because I'd never seen a guy come so quickly - one after another - in all those years. If the male hasn't ejaculated for a few days previous a goodly supply of jism is created. Similar to women, men can "bounce" between high plateau and orgasm, and again, back to high plateau.

More information about text formats. So I would say, get in incredible shape and produce lots of testosterone. Oral Sex Tips For Men:

  • Is it possible for a man to ejaculate twice?
  • Ok, so the next time you sit down for some much needed alone time.
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  • It takes me minimum 15 minutes after an orgasm before I can have another erection and another orgasm. I've done this before a number of times with various ex-girlfriends and have absolutely no idea how or what makes it happen beyond feeling relaxed, trusting of my partner, and close to her.
  • Question for guys with foreskin.

He would slow down after that. A healthy 20 something male should be able to get erect within 20 minutes, maybe 30 minutes if he's pushing The Joy of Partnersex , and also read up on ancient Eastern sexual philosophies, such as tantra. Your wife is very lucky.


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